Wholesale Inquiries

Our wholesale pricing is available for businesses such as Pet Stores, Distributors, Wholesalers, Exporters, Breeders, etc. that are looking to purchase larger groups of animals for resale. If you are looking for individual animals, or small groups, please refer to our retail pages on our website.

Our main wholesale season is late March-August on most types. For best availability, please call or email at least a couple weeks in advance of when you want to receive your shipment. We produce several thousand animals each Spring/Summer, but the demand over the past years has far exceeded our production, so we do run short on a lot of types. We do not deal in imports or wild-caught animals. Every animal we sell is captive bred and born here at our facility, in Wisconsin. Everything we ship is absolutely top notch quality. No B grades, tail nips, skinny tails, etc. We ship anywhere in the US with Fed Ex Priority Overnight. We guarantee live, healthy delivery. We’ve shipped over 20,000 animals in the past 8 years with about a 99.9% survival rate. Shipping costs for smaller orders generally runs about 50. Larger orders cost about 75.

We accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Money Orders, and Checks. Business and personal checks must clear before any animals are shipped. All orders must be paid in full before any animals are shipped.

Leopard Geckos:

Mixed lots of babies including the following morphs: albino, hypo, carrottail, blizzard, patternless, jungle, striped, normal, high yellow, etc.)

We can also supply 5-10 lots of specific mid to high priced morphs including:

Bell Albinos
Bell Sunglows
Las Vegas Jungle Albinos
Las Vegas Sunglows
Las Vegas Patternless Albinos
Tremper Jungle Albinos
Tremper Sunglows
Tremper Patternless Albinos
Eclipse/ Snake Eye Eclipse
RAPTORs (red snake eyes or solid eyes)
Banded or Jungle RAPTORS
Super Hypo Tangerine Carrottails (the best of the best!)
Snow Albinos (Tremper, Bell, or Las Vegas)
Snow Blizzards
Snow Patternless

We’ll also have some higher end morphs such as Diablo Blancos, Super Snows, Super Snow Albinos, Enigmas, etc. We plan growing most of these up and retailing them, but if you are interested purchasing any of them as babies, we can offer discounted prices. Please call or email for availability.

Fat Tail Geckos:

100% Het Amels- mostly banded phase, look like normals, but carry the amel(albino) gene. Well-started babies.

Amelanistic (albino)- most of these are banded with a nice orange/tangerine coloration. Our amels are among the nicest around. The demand for these is insane. Well-started babies.

Crested Geckos:

Our wholesale availability on these will be extremely limited this year. We are holding back the majority of our production to add to our breeding colonies. The demand for cresteds has grown dramatically over the past few years and we simply cannot meet it. By increasing our colony size, we hope to provide more of these at wholesale prices. Mixed morphs of well-started babies.

Gargoyle Geckos:

Wholesale availability will be limited on these as well. We should be able to offer an occasional 5 or 10 lot of the common reticulated phase.

Bearded Dragons:

We sell our dragons at 3-4 weeks of age when they are 4.5-5 inches including the tail. Most of them have excellent coloration at this time. However, they will continue to color up and they’ll look much nicer the longer you hold onto them. We don’t produce any “normals” here. All of our dragons are gorgeous yellow, gold, orange, or tangerine as adults. You can see examples of them on our website.

Red/Golds- these range from yellow to gold, usually with some orange highlights. Some of them have darker banding.

Yellow Red Deserts, Super Tangerine x Red/Gold or Super Tangerine x Yellow Red Deserts- these are bright yellow orange to pure tangerine. Some develop purple banding on their backs.

Super Tangerine x Sunburst- solid yellow orange with tangerine highlights.

Super Tangerine- bright orange to dark tangerine- these are the best of the best when it comes to an orange phase.


We retail most of the snakes we produce on our website, however, we can offer discounts for many types off our website prices to dealers or retailers. The specific prices depend on current market prices and our availability. We produced nearly 800 ball pythons in 2008 and sold nearly all of them at retail prices from our website. We are sure to have plenty of the following types that will definitely be available for wholesale:

Ball Pythons:

Normals- these are captive bred and born at our facility, not the “farm-raised” imports that most dealers offer.

100% Het Albino MALES

100% Het Hypo MALES

100% Het Piebald MALES

We will also be producing the following morphs and more. If you need any of these, please call or email. We should be able to do some kind of discount off of our website prices:

Pastels, Super Pastels, Mojaves, Blue-Eye Leucistics, Spiders, Bumblebees, Pinstripes, Lemon Blasts, Black Pastels, Lesser Platinums, Butters, Albinos, Piebalds, Clowns, Pastel Clowns, Hypos/Ghosts, Pastel Ghosts, Axanthics, Caramel Albinos, etc. We’ll also have plenty of 100% hets for all of our recessive morphs

Boa Constrictors:

Our boa production over the past few years has been very inconsistent, but we should have several litters this year. We expect to have the following types available:

Normals, Hypos, Super Hypos, Albinos, Sunglows, Double Het Sunglows, Snows, Arabesques, Hypo Arabesques, etc. Hopefully, it’ll be a good year and we’ll have a nice supply of boas.

Other Snakes:

We should have jungle carpet pythons, super dwarf reticulated pythons, green tree pythons, brazilian rainbow boas, and Honduran milksnakes available. Please call or email for availability and pricing.


Garrick DeMeyer

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