Geckos For Sale

10 lot of Mixed Morphs

Price: $400
Sex: unsexed
Hatch-Date: 2014
Morph: 10 lot of Mixed Morphs

Here is an excellent opportunity to get a variety of morphs from us at a great price!  I'll mix and match a variety of morphs in the group, and it will contain some of the following: Hypo Tangerine, Tangerine Jungles, Tangerine Enigmas, Bandits, Reverse Stripes, Snows, Super Snows, Albino Snows, Eclipse, Raptors, Sunglows, Diablo Blancos, Embers and a variety of other morphs.  Individually, these babies would average about $75 each.  This 10 lot special puts them at only $40 each!

I don't have individual photos of these, but you will be extremely impressed by them- guaranteed!

I cannot provide specifc numbers of each morph, and not all morphs are available at any given time, but I do guarantee a nice selection. You won't get stuck with 9 of one morph and 1 of another.  I mix it up as much as I can.  I also label the containers so you can easily know what morph each gecko is.

These are well-started hatchings that are feeding great on small mealworms and crickets.

These are incubated for FEMALE.  If you want a definite male to go with them, I have a nice selection of subadult and adult males individually pictured on my website.

The photos shown here are EXAMPLES of the morphs you'll get.


We charge a flat fee of $50.00 for Fed-Ex overnight delivery, this fee will be added to your order regardless of how many animals you purchase.

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