Commonly Asked Questions

In an effort to assist you in answering all of your questions; here is a list of commonly asked questions and answers:


Q:  How much is shipping?  A:  We charge a flat rate of $50.00 for all orders regardless of where they are sent in the USA.  We use Fed-Ex and have over a 99.9% survival rate.  At the time you place your order, we will advise when it will be shipped and provide you a tracking number.  Please see this link for more details:

Terms of Sale

Q:  Do you ship international? A: Generally we do not ship on an international basis unless the order is over $10,000.00 in size.  But, if you have a relationship with an existing exporter in the USA, we are more then happy to work with this 3rd party to get you your reptiles.  In this scenario, we would not require a minimum order size.  Please contact Garrick for exact details if you considering doing this. 

Q:  Do you offer payment plans?  A:  Yes, we do offer payment plans for all purchases over $1,000.00.  A minimum of 25% is required to put animals on hold.  We cannot hold any snakes without a deposit.   

When a deposit and payment plan is set up, we will provide a contract that will be signed by the buyer and seller so both parties are aware of the conditions of the sale (animals purchased, purchase price, and payment plan). Once the animal(s) are paid in full, shipping arrangements will be made.  Please consider this when deciding to make a purchase. We cannot have an animal on hold with a deposit and payments made, only to have the customer decide they don't want the animal anymore and want their money back. There's no point in doing deposits or payment plans if we just have to send the money back if a customer changes their mind. The only exceptions to this is if the animal gets sick or dies while still in our care and we have no similar animal we can replace it with. It is EXTREMELY rare for this to happen. We are flexible with the duration of our payment plans. We understand that sometimes, a customer has a setback and can't pay for a purchase in the agreed upon length of time. If it takes an extra couple weeks, even a month to finish a payment plan, that is understandable. However, we cannot keep an animal on hold indefinitely because a customer has no means to finish paying for it. We will be as accommodating as possible in these situations, but we do reserve the right to cancel a plan completely 14 days after the final payment was to be made. Please be sure you want to make a purchase, and will have the funds to do it, before committing to it.  All deposits/payments are non-refundable.

Q: Do you gaurantee your animals to be in good health?  A:  Yes, all of our animals are in perfect health or we will not sell them to you.  We offer a seven (7) day gaurantee.  Our history of breeding reptiles, since 1993, is based on doing what is right for customers.  I would encourage you to research my reputation as I have worked very hard at always doing what is right for my customers.   Please see this link for complete details.

Terms of Sale

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